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​RCI Labscan Brand
RCI Labscan products can be used either as general analytical reagents or as ingredients for specialized  
industrial formulation. RCI Labscan products are used  in a wide range of industries: pharmaceuticals, 
healthcare, electronics, agribusiness, biotechnology, petroleum and gas, and in research by private
organizations and public bodies such as universities. Applications include HPLC, GC, spectroscopy,
DNA synthesis, LC-MS and proto-sequencing. ​
We are specialized in a wide range of  following chemical grades:
- Products that meet the requirement of British Phamacopeia (BP)
- Products have been tested by RCI Labscan for safety and efficacy in food, drug, cosmetic, commercial or any other use
- For general analytical applications 
- Purity meets the requirement of ACS Standard
- High purity solvents and reagents with low level of impurities, conform to ISO, Pharma,
ACS standard
- Suitable for laboratory and special analytical techniques
- For analytical and preparative separation
- Mobile phase in HPLC or LC technique including gel permeation chromatography
- Mobile phase for different type of detector
- Use in the wavelength between 230 – 190 nm (Far UV region )
- For isocratic technique : low UV absorption
- Mobile phase for gradient analysis technique
- Low baseline drift and low UV absorption
- High purity solvents with low levels of trace metals
- Suitable for LCMS analytical technique
- Low moisture solvents for anhydrous applications
- High purity solvents for UV-IR Spectroscopy
- High purity solvents with low UV absorption
- For Pesticide and Insecticide residue analysis 
- Suitable for extraction, isolation and preconcentration technique
- For environmental analysis by capillary GC and GC-MS application
- For Volatile Organic Analysis (soil, water and solid waste samples)
- Suitable for Volatile Organic Residue Analysis by GC-MS
- Electronic grade: Semig, Electropure, Extropure, Electro extra, VLSI
- High quality acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications
- Conform to SEMI Standard
- High purity acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications
- Low levels of metallic impurities 
- Used for trace metal analysis
- Electropure solvents which require free of Silicone, DOP and Amide
- High purity acids for electronic industrial applications
- Very high purity acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications 
- Very low levels of metallic impurities 
- Used for trace metal analysis
RCI Labscan can also be your reliable custom product supplier. Do send us your requirements at so that our technical team can evaluate for feasibility and get back with you.
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