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​RCI Labscan Brand
RCI Labscan products can be used either as general analytical reagents or as ingredients for specialized  
industrial formulation. RCI Labscan products are used  in a wide range of industries: pharmaceuticals, 
healthcare, electronics, agribusiness, biotechnology, petroleum and gas, and in research by private
organizations and public bodies such as universities. Applications include HPLC, GC, spectroscopy,
DNA synthesis, LC-MS and proto-sequencing. ​
We are specialized in a wide range of  following chemical grades:
- Products that meet the requirement of British Phamacopeia (BP)
- Products have been tested by RCI Labscan for safety and efficacy in food, drug, cosmetic, commercial or any other use
- For general analytical applications 
- Purity meets the requirement of ACS Standard
- High purity solvents and reagents with low level of impurities, conform to ISO, Pharma,
ACS standard
- Suitable for laboratory and special analytical techniques
- For analytical and preparative separation
- Mobile phase in HPLC or LC technique including gel permeation chromatography
- Mobile phase for different type of detector
- Use in the wavelength between 230 – 190 nm (Far UV region )
- For isocratic technique : low UV absorption
- Mobile phase for gradient analysis technique
- Low baseline drift and low UV absorption
- High purity solvents with low levels of trace metals
- Suitable for LCMS analytical technique
- Low moisture solvents for anhydrous applications
- High purity solvents for UV-IR Spectroscopy
- High purity solvents with low UV absorption
- For Pesticide and Insecticide residue analysis 
- Suitable for extraction, isolation and preconcentration technique
- For environmental analysis by capillary GC and GC-MS application
- For Volatile Organic Analysis (soil, water and solid waste samples)
- Suitable for Volatile Organic Residue Analysis by GC-MS
- Electronic grade: Semig, Electropure, Extropure, Electro extra, VLSI
- High quality acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications
- Conform to SEMI Standard
- High purity acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications
- Low levels of metallic impurities 
- Used for trace metal analysis
- Electropure solvents which require free of Silicone, DOP and Amide
- High purity acids for electronic industrial applications
- Very high purity acids and solvents for electronic industrial applications 
- Very low levels of metallic impurities 
- Used for trace metal analysis
RCI Labscan can also be your reliable custom product supplier. Do send us your requirements at [email protected] so that our technical team can evaluate for feasibility and get back with you.
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