Conference Series llc Limited invites all the participants from everywhere the planet to attend the “3rd International Conference on Biochemistry & Molecular Biology” throughout May 16-17, 2018 at Singapore which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks, Young Researchers Forum, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.
Biochemistry acts as a tool to investigate and to study molecular biology, deals with the structure, function and interactions among biological macromolecules. It includes all the aspects of modern molecular and cellular biochemistry.
Molecular biology being the study of molecular underpinnings of the processes of replication, transcription, translation, and cell function. The central code of molecular biology where genetic material is transcribed into RNA and then converted into protein, despite being oversimplified, still provides a good starting point for understanding the field.
The theme of the conference "Novel Advancements in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology", can specialize in the study of the molecular mechanisms by that genetic information present on deoxyribonucleic acid is in a position to lead to the processes of life. Biochemistry has its applications in varied fields. The findings of biochemistry are applied primarily in medicine, nutrition, and agriculture. In medicine, biochemists investigate the cause and cure for the malady. In nutrition, it results in maintain health and effects of deficiency of nutrients. In agriculture, biochemists investigate soil and fertilizers, and try to get ways to improve crop cultivation, storage and cuss management.
Date: May 16-17, 2018
Location: Singapore