Get the newest development guidelines of Physics and Chemistry,
Biotechnology Industry in Korea’s representing exhibition,
KOREA LAB 2018, the certified event with more than 10 years experience, is the Korea’s biggest analytics & bio technology exhibition. KOREA LAB 2018 ensures a successful, professionally planned your marketing tools from starting, expanding your market share in Korea as well as Asia-Pacific Region.
Participateif you want to meet the Korean buyers, distributors and so on! 
Thousands of key actors in related industry gather for the various seminars and conferences. KOREA LAB 2018 gives a chance to meet Korean buyers at a place.
Promoteyour products and your technology!
Exhibitors can promote your products and technology through the official media channels of KOREA LAB. Also, you can hold a seminar during the KOREA LAB 2018. All is free of charge.
Arrangea meeting with Korean Buyers!
You can arrange a meeting with Korean buyers through the “Online Buyer 1:1 Matching program” before the exhibition.
Date: 17-20 Apirl 2018
Location: Hall 7-8 Kintex 2, Korea